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Learning to Learn

As knowledge is becoming way more easily accessible than ever before, not to mention with the help of artificial intelligence such as ChatGPT, I think the ability of learning is becoming more important than memorizing the knowledge itself. Please don’t get me wrong: I don’t mean we should just leave all the knowledge on the Internet and only look it up when we need it. I mean we need to pay more attention to how to learn new knowledge more effectively and efficiently. Therefore, the first section of the blog is all about learning to learn.


I have been always afraid of and frustrated by mathematics. When I was in school, I just couldn’t get the point of math and did pretty bad in all kinds of tests. As a result, I hated math and tried to avoid it as much as possible. I didn’t really start to get interested in math until the senior year in college. When I reflected on how I learned mathematics, I realized it was because I wasn’t learning math in the appropriate way with the appropriate mindset. Should I have done it appropriately when I was much younger, I may not at all suffer that much from learning this subject even though I may still not perform well in the tests. As a grown-up, I am trying to catch up the math learning I have fallen behind in my entire life. As a software developer, math can help me think more precisely and clearly.

Physics, Electrical Engineering, & Embedded Programming

Honestly speaking, I’ve never developed enthusiasm in learning physics. However, I have enough passion to learn physics in order to understand electrical engineering and embedded programming. Therefore, these three disciplines are not separate ones to me (for now) and I will learn them altogether.

My notes on physics and electrical engineering are here (WIP as of 2023-06-02).

The following sections are about concrete computer technologies. The articles are grouped by the main topics.


Artificial Intelligence





Frontend (JavaScript; CSS; etc.)


Linux (Mostly Debian/Ubuntu)

Network & Web


Regular Expressions



Miscellaneous Technologies